Getting visitors to and from campus may be arranged in a variety of ways. Budgetary considerations, availability of drivers and vehicles will determine the method used. You should review Carleton’s Travel Policy which includes information on car rental discount arrangements, suggested meal rates, non-reimbursable expenses, etc. You can find this policy in the Campus Handbook.

Car rental

If you need to have a guest rent a vehicle, reimbursement should be set up to be equal to the cost of pick-up and delivery of said guest to the airport. Any other charges for rental should be the responsibility of the guest.

Use of own vehicle

Carleton pays mileage for use of a personal vehicle.

College cars (for airport pick-up or other needs)

College vehicles may be reserved from Campus Services (x7185). Reservations should be made as early as possible to ensure vehicle availability. College drivers may be available to make trips. Contact Campus Services (x7185) for a list of qualified students or to reserve a car. Faculty and staff must be pre-qualified. See their Web site for more information.

Campus Services

Campus Services maintains a Web site including information on using College vehicles, and several options for local and regional transportation.