The “Take a Faculty Member to Lunch” program encourages student interaction with faculty outside of the classroom. Each faculty member is given a meal plan that allows for three lunches per term with students. Faculty access the “plan” with their College identification card (the OneCard) in the dining halls, just as the students do. The intent of this program is to give students the opportunity to invite a faculty member to lunch as a way of expanding the mentoring and learning relationship. It is generally expected that students will make the first contact in arranging these exchanges.

It is important that you inform the checker in the dining hall that you wish to use one of your “Take a Faculty Member to Lunch” meals BEFORE your OneCard is swiped. The student accompanying you will pay for their own meal using their meal plan as always.

The “Take a Faculty Member to Lunch” program is only available during the lunch meal period Monday – Friday during the academic term and there is a limit of three meals per term per faculty member.

Please contact Campus Services (x7728) or the Office of the Provost (x4303) with questions about this program.