During the summer months, the College runs a variety of summer programs that involve Carleton faculty. These programs include:

  • AP Summer Institute (APSI), a one-week Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI) associated with the College Board covering many different AP subject areas.  Institutes are typically offered in late June and early July and cover a broad range of academic disciplines taught by College Board certified instructors from across the country. Both domestic and international educators attend the institute, typically hailing from over twenty states and half a dozen nations.
  • Pre-College Programs: The office offers a number of pre-college programs in the liberal arts tradition, extending across the breadth of academic disciplines offered at Carleton.  These programs are open to rising juniors and seniors in high school (sophomores and juniors at time of application).  These courses are taught by college professors and the majority of the professors are from Carleton.  Each of the programs last for three weeks and are offered for college credit.  Current program topics focus on content from the following academic disciplines: Computer Science, Fundamentals of Neuroscience, , Humanities, Storytelling Through Different Lenses, Political Science, and Connections in STEM.

In addition to these programs, Carleton faculty occasionally apply for grants to host summer workshops for high school teachers, high school or college students, or college faculty. Faculty who wish to host a summer program must contact the Summer Liberal Arts Institute  before they complete their grant application. SLAI  will provide information including: availability of facilities and housing, salary rates, housing and meal costs, and other information relevant to hosting a summer program on campus. Please refer to the Policy on the Use of Facilities during the Summer for additional details.

Faculty who might be interested in teaching in one of these programs or starting a new program should contact the Summer Liberal Arts Institute. Staff will  work with you to identify and develop the logistics of creating and starting a new summer program at Carleton.