Faculty and department assistants can obtain the following types of information about current students from the Registrar’s Office or through the Hub:

  • Major Reports/Minor Reports
    • Advisers/advisees
    • Graduation year
    • E-mail address
  • Class rosters
  • Wait list rosters
  • Transcripts and Progress Toward Degree Reports (also referred to as Degree Audits) 

You may find the following information about students using the on-line campus directory:

  • Address
  • Phone
  • E-mail address
  • Status (i.e., off campus)
  • Picture
  • Major & minor

E-mailing a Group of Students

Please note that each student and staff member controls whether they wish to have information released. Because of this, if you send a message to a group, you need to put the e-mail addresses in the “blind copy” field, or check each e-mail address on the on-line directory to see whether the information can be released.

Mailing Labels

Your department assistant can make student mailing labels by accessing the Major Report on-line, copying the information into their word processing program, and doing a mail merge. (Go to the Hub, choose Major Report or Minor Report.) Central Records can also provide campus or home mailing labels for students or alumni. Use BSR Advance C/S Information Request Form (ext. 4496, fax 4693). Alumni Relations should first approve use of alumni mailing labels.