The College supports staff professional development through the Academic Staff Professional Development Fund administered by Associate Provost, Eric Egge. Exempt and non-exempt staff in the academic division are eligible to apply for these funds.

The College will contribute to professional development expenses from the Academic Staff Professional Development Fund, where the expenses have been approved in advance, under the following conditions:

  • The development will enhance the individual’s skills or knowledge toward their current job duties. Items that are typically covered: conference registration, study materials, exams or tests for required or desired certifications, courses at nearby technical institutions, travel and lodging to conferences or seminars (see below for more details), and computer programs needed to support study.
  • Staff applying to this fund may normally expect to receive funding for only one such request a year.
  • Eligible travel expenses include: airfare, hotel, registration fees, meals, and ground transportation. Because our funds are so limited we will likely not be able to cover these expenses in their entirety.
  • For travel by private car, mileage will be paid at the regular College rate for the use of private vehicles, provided this cost does not exceed the cost of round-trip airfare.

Where expenses are particularly large, departments may be asked to contribute.

If the training/conference involves overnight accommodations (more than a single day event), please check with the Human Resources department regarding calculating pay for work hours.

Since the Academic Staff Professional Development Fund cannot accommodate funding during a given year for all members of the academic staff, staff who plan early and avail themselves of special incentive airfares can help to stretch the fund and allow more of their colleagues to make use of the fund. In addition, staff who have received authorizations for professional development funds, but due to a change of plans do not make use of them, are urged to inform the Associate Provost Office immediately of such a cancellation. Prompt notification sometimes makes it possible for a colleague’s application to be approved.

Staff should discuss their plans with their supervisor prior to requesting funding. Requests for funds should be submitted to the Associate Provost by completing our Fund Request Form. Include in the application the purpose of your request and estimated expenses. Requests will be reviewed and notification of authorization will be sent in a timely manner. If you have any questions, please feel free to call x4301.