As chair, you are the administrative supervisor of staff members in your department. There are many aspects to personnel management (most of which you were not trained for in graduate school!): delegating tasks, building morale, mediating disputes, and evaluating performance. Advice on any aspect of this role is available from the Human Resources Department.

The Annual Performance Review process for most of the staff on campus is completed in April. The purpose for the annual performance review is for each employee and supervisor to sit down, reflect on the past year, and plan for the upcoming year. Wins should be celebrated and development items for the next year should be agreed upon with a plan for accomplishment set in place. Performance Reviews should be an interactive process in which both parties are engaged and active in the conversation.

The Annual Employee Review Process is done through Workday. You will find detailed resources below or on the Human Resources Website to walk you through the process.

Access Workday

Also during winter term, you will receive a Workday task to complete your salary recommendation for the staff that report to you.Guidelines for completing the task are below as well as on the Human Resources website.