Faculty members submit Leave Request Forms to the Office of the Provost electronically. The Provost’s Office will forward a copy to the department chair and ask for confirmation that the department approves of the timing and purpose of the leave. If the request comes from the department chair, then another senior colleague must approve the request.

This should not be regarded as a rubber stamp signature; think carefully about the way the proposed timing will fit in with departmental activities and needs as well as with other department members’ leave plans.

If the proposed leave activity concerns course development, be sure it fits with overall curricular plans. Negotiation over any of these details will be delicate, but better early in the process than later. If you need the Provost’s help with such negotiations, please ask.

Each fall you will be provided with a five year history of staffing in your department and your department’s course allocation. Requesting leave replacements in any given year should be informed by this history. The Provost’s Office must approve all leave replacements.

The normal deadline for submitting a leave request is October 1st, with approval by the Trustees by November.

Leave guidelines and application forms