If you know of faculty members in your department who are thinking about retirement, please encourage them to talk with the Provost early in their planning process. Many faculty like the idea of a phased retirement – teaching part-time for a few years before retiring completely. Interested faculty should discuss this option with the Provost (see the Faculty Handbook for more details).

If you have a faculty member in your department who is retiring or retired, be sure to ask whether he or she would like to remain involved in departmental events. The Provost’s Office sends a mailing to retiring and retired faculty every summer asking them whether they wish to remain listed in the Web directory and what types of College events and mailings they wish to receive. Many retired faculty remain in Northfield, like to remain active and involved, and can be good resources in a number of ways for faculty and students.

You should also be aware of the many privileges that continue after retirement.

Faculty retirements are an occasion for the campus to celebrate a faculty member’s career and we encourage celebratory events to honor those who have served the college. The Provost’s Office will contribute up to $500 from the Provost’s discretionary funds for an event honoring a retiring faculty member. If your department would like to invite a speaker or a number of speakers for public events related to a colleague’s retirement, please contact Associate Provost Eric Egge, who oversees the Visiting Speakers Fund. Events of this type should be instead of and not in addition to other regularly scheduled department events.