There are several ways to disseminate information about events on campus.

Campus-wide Email

For majors and minors, email is normally the easiest method of communication. You may want to establish an e-mail list for your department’s use. For a wider audience, there are email lists for communicating with faculty, staff and students. These email lists are maintained by the Office of the Provost for faculty, Human Resources for staff, and the Dean of Students Office for students. If you have a need to send an email to one of these groups, please contact the appropriate office to discuss whether all-campus emailing is appropriate and to obtain the proper email address.

Carleton Today

Carleton Today is an e-publication for faculty, staff, and students, distributed weekly throughout the academic year — less frequently during breaks. You may submit items about faculty and staff activities to Carleton Today. Please use the College’s Events Calendar to publicize events and meetings.

Events Calendar

As you know, there are many events and meetings throughout the year where faculty presence is requested or required. The Campus Calendar can help you in anticipating when events are scheduled so that adequate faculty representation can be arranged in advance. You should also use the calendar to publicize events in your department that are open to the campus community and/or the public.

Mass Mailings

Mailings of informational posters/flyers can be done through campus mailing services in Sayles-Hill 101. Since this is expensive and usually wasteful, it is discouraged.

College Communications

As soon as you know about an event that your department is hosting that is open to the public, you should contact a member of the College Communications staff. They also want to know about professional accomplishments of members of your department and ideas you have for stories about Carleton people or programs. College Communications sends most event press releases and campus event calendars to media outlets in southeastern Minnesota, including Carleton and St. Olaf student newspapers and radio stations, as well as the Twin Cities area, including MPR, the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press. For more information on how to publicize events and news, to access their website.

PLEASE NOTE: The following notation should be included on publicity involving events open to the general public (things such as posters, news releases, calendars, etc.):

  • “For more information, including disability accommodations, call [the phone number of the sponsoring department].”