Office Assignments

Assignments of faculty offices are done by the Associate Provost, Eric Egge, on an ongoing basis. Your department assistant has access to the Office Assignment Google spreadsheet and can access it at any time during the year and print it for your review. An email will be sent out to your department assistant each term asking them to look at the spreadsheet and to notify the Office of the Provost if there are any changes that need to be made by commenting directly on the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet includes all returning faculty, new faculty, visiting faculty, faculty who will be on leave, and on off-campus studies programs. (Keep in mind that faculty going on leave or OCS may not be able to retain their office.) You may place faculty in offices in your department as you see fit. If you have space needs outside of your department the Associate Provost will help you find a solution. Your requests will be taken into consideration, but the Associate Provost must take into account the office space situation across the campus. You will be notified as soon as the decision has been made. Space decisions are normally made at the end of the academic year; however, some changes may occur during the year. 

The Associate Provost is only responsible for assignment of spaces. Each department is responsible for the coordination and the expenses of all other details involving moves (phone number changes, keys, furniture, etc.).

Priority for offices is as follows:

  • Faculty actively teaching
  • Faculty on leave
  • Research postdocs and educational associates
  • Emeriti faculty actively working on a project

Tori Perez coordinates the office assignment process. If you have questions or concerns, you may reach her at ext. 4301.

Office Moves

For faculty members moving from one office to another, your department assistant should complete the Office Move Form to get the process started.

Note: As part of Carleton’s onboarding process, new faculty are asked to notify their department assistant of the date that they plan to move into their office so that phone and computing needs can be coordinated. As soon as your department assistant has been notified by the new faculty member, they should submit the Office Move Form noted above.