Students who do not successfully complete a senior comprehensive exercise while enrolled at Carleton may return to complete their comps in a later year, under the guidance of the department or program overseeing the major for which they are completing comps. (This opportunity is only granted for non-graduates; it does not apply for a student who successfully completed comps in one, but only one, of two majors.) See the Registrar’s Office website for more information on the non-graduate process.

Students seeking to return to complete their comps must first contact the chair of the department (or director of the program) to establish which faculty member will serve as the comps adviser and what timeline will be followed (if different from the normal timeline outlined by the department to complete the senior comprehensive exercise). The department chair, in consultation with department colleagues, may make any necessary changes to the comps structure if the model currently in use (i.e. group comps, in-residence requirement to do comps) is not easily adapted to a student who will not be in residence to complete this final requirement.

The chair should also contact the Associate Provost in charge of curricular matters if there is a staffing question related to advising a comps project or if there are concerns about a student’s readiness to complete the project. If a returning student requires access to our library and internet services, the department chair must contact the Registrar’s Office and ITS to re-establish access.