We hope and expect that new faculty will find a rich array of resources and people in their own departments available to help them during the first year. The “official” mentoring program which is organized by the Provost’s Office and complemented by the Perlman Learning and Teaching Center’s “New Faculty Teaching Program” are not meant to be substitutes for mentoring relationships that develop naturally within, or even outside of, a faculty member’s department.

The purpose of the Mentoring Program is twofold:

  • to help new faculty make their transition to the wider life of the Carleton community, and
  • to provide seasoned ears and voices for new faculty as they address the challenges and experience the rewards of teaching at the College.

The program ensures that every new faculty member has the opportunity of having a confidential relationship with experienced colleagues who stand outside of any evaluative structure of the College. The Director of the Perlman Learning and Teaching Center serves as mentor for all visiting faculty who are not teaching the entire year. Every new tenure-track faculty member and full-time visitor is assigned a cohort mentoring group and is matched with two mentors who have been at the College for some time. Each cohort meets throughout the first year. While the LTC organizes opportunities for all mentees to interact, the cohort mentors organize monthly meetings with their cohorts. Encouragement from you, as department chair, could help your new colleagues take advantage of these valuable resources.