Christopher Upton Light, Carleton Class of 1958, created these lectureships to enable Carleton to bring prominent professional artists (with preference to those who are not faculty members at other colleges or universities) to campus to meet with faculty and students.  He had envisioned that his lectureship series would bring to campus one composer, one writer, and one painter or sculptor each year (or more than one of each, only if income permits).

Rotation Schedule

The department of Art and Art History and Music receive funding from the lectureship each year.

The departments of English, French, German and Russian, and Spanish rotate the funding they receive in the following manner: 

2023-24           French (deferring until 2025-26)

2024-25           English

2025-26           Spanish and French (deferred from 2023-24)

2026-27           English

2027-28           German and Russian

2028-29           English

2029-30           French

2030-31           English

2031-32           Spanish

2032-33           English

2033-34           German and Russian

2034-35           English

2035-36           French

And so on…

Budget and Honorarium

The budgeted amount for FY24 will be $10,200 to support your lecturer. This amount only applies to the department who is scheduled to host a lecturer listed on the rotation schedule above. Please use this amount for planning purposes. If you find out that you may need additional funding for your lecturer, please let the Associate Provost’s office know because we may have funding available to give you. If your department needed to defer your lecturer for a year, please use the budgeted amount that was provided to you for the year that you were originally supposed to use the funding.

Honorarium amounts vary by visitor, but lecturers in recent history have been offered honorariums of approximately $7,000. Please feel free to contact other departments and see if they would like to contribute, if your lecturer requires a substantially higher honorarium.

Department chairs (or their designee) are expected to negotiate the honorarium amounts with the visitors. As soon as you have set up your lecturer, please email Tori Perez and let her know the name of your lecturer so that we have it for our records.

Your administrative department assistant should submit honorariums for payments and handle all of the logistics associated with the visit.


Invite Christopher Light to Light Lectureship events and send a copy of the invitation to Laura Theobald, Associate Director of Stewardship.  For Mr. Light’s current address (which changes throughout the year) or for help putting the invitation together, please contact Laura at x4858. 

If Mr. Light plans to attend, please notify Kristin Lucas in the President’s Office at x4334.

Please notify Steve Richardson, Director of the Arts, at x4389, of your Light selections as soon as possible. Steve may be able to help coordinate other events on campus to increase the impact of your visitor. He may also be of assistance in identifying artists with your department, if needed.

Include information about Mr. Light in all of your publicity on Light events. Here is a description you can use in flyers and other publicity pieces.

The Christopher U. Light Lectureship in Music was created in 1985 (1985 for Art and 1984 for Literature) by Mr. Light, Carleton Class of 1958. Among his many interests, Mr. Light is a freelance writer and composer, a record producer and a musician with interests in computers and music.

End of Year Reporting

You will be asked to write a brief report (no more than one or two pages) on your use of the Light Lectureship funding in the year that your department uses the funds. The report should describe this year’s events and their reception and include copies of any publicity.

When your report is received we will forward it to Stewardship who will report to Christopher Light.

If your department is not able to sponsor any events with funding from this lectureship, please let Tori Perez (x4301) know.