Carleton College faculty and staff members often host international colleagues for short-term campus visits to develop educational partnerships and explore research collaborations that enhance learning opportunities for Carleton College students. 

For Carleton College to remain compliant with immigration laws and tax regulations as well as maintain our designated school status to enroll international students, we must keep records of non-immigrant visitors who give lectures, workshops or participate in symposia and short term teaching assignments. Planning for an international visitor begins at least two-three months before the visitor arrives on campus. 

Elizabeth (Liz) Cody, Director of International Life, is Carleton’s primary designated school official and responsible officer. Please contact Liz when you are considering inviting lecturers who are nonresident (individuals who do not hold a U.S. passport or are not permanent residents of the United States and its territories) and she can advise you on visa and immigration matters. Specific time and honorarium restrictions exist for people who come to U.S. institutions under the B-Visitor and Visa Waiver Programs. Upon contacting Liz, please have the offer/invitation letter available as well as a contact email for the primary visitor.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has regulations regarding the taxation and reporting of payments made to non-United States citizens. As a result, Carleton College may be required to withhold U.S. income tax and report information with the IRS regarding any payments made to or on behalf of a non-resident such as honorariums, wages, fellowships and travel stipends. Before a payment can be processed, individual information, identification, and forms must be provided to ensure correct tax withholding and reporting decisions. Carleton College holds a license for an online tax compliance software called Glacier that allows the non-resident to provide the requested information and complete the forms. When the visitor arrives on campus, a 20-30 minute meeting with the Business Office is required so that the information and forms can be collected. If a meeting is not feasible, a user ID and password can be issued prior to their arrival. The Business Office can issue the user ID, password, and is responsible for tax withholding and reporting. Please contact Shari Mayer in the Business Office.

If the visitor will receive financial compensation from Carleton College and will be here in F-1 or J-1 status, they MUST already have or apply for a U.S. Social Security Number during their time in the U.S. as required by law. Liz Cody can assist with the process of applying for the card. Once the card is received, the number must be provided to Human Resources and the Business Office to maintain legal compliance.

Note: The following document copies will be required for both immigration and tax purposes from each visiting individual:

Passport ID page
Visa page (in passport)
Form I-94/I-94W card
DS 2019 (if applicable)

Proof of Health Insurance (all J-1 visitors)