Grant Proposals

The College encourages faculty to apply for internally and externally funded grants to support research, creative work, and scholarly activities. As department chair, you should understand the guidelines for submission of grant proposals and discuss with your colleagues their plans for submitting grants. One of your managerial tasks will be to help colleagues coordinate plans for grant-supported leaves so that they are spread out, allowing you as chair to cover the teaching and advising tasks of the department with minimal leave replacement.

Institutional proposals, even at the departmental level, require coordination with several offices around the college, and faculty planning to submit such proposals need to be in close contact with both the Grants Office and the Office of the Provost. The External Proposal Approval form (required on all grants, both individual and institutional) is an OnBase process that will require your signature as chair. Address any questions to the Grants Office.

Descriptions of grants available, tips on writing grants, and guidelines for the submission of grant proposals are available on the Office of the Provost website.

Grant Reporting

Grant management, oversight, and reporting are perhaps the least enjoyable aspects of the entire grant process. Yet they are essential to the College maintaining its standing and reputation with the foundations that support us. Institutional grants involving several faculty and more than one department typically have a grant manager (also called a project director or lead investigator, among other titles) whose responsibilities include periodic reporting. In order for the grant manager, or the staff person from the Grants Office or the Office of the Provost, to prepare and submit the required reports in a timely fashion, it is essential that all faculty involved in the grant provide thorough information when requested to do so. Department Chairs can play an important role in ensuring that departmental grant reporting responsibilities are carried out efficiently.

Grant Assessment

Many grants, especially institutional awards, require assessment activities. While project directors typically have responsibility for these activities, Carleton’s Office of Institutional Research and Assessment can help develop assessment plans, conduct assessment activities, and evaluate assessment findings. However, this support must be arranged with them prior to submitting the proposal.