Carleton often receives modest financial gifts that are designated for use by specific academic departments. These gifts usually arise from a donor’s personal interest in a particular subject area, their experience in that department as a Carleton student, or their desire to support Carleton faculty and students.

These kinds of designated small gifts—which can range from $25-$200—are not additions to your annual budget. Projections for gifts of this type are already included into budget models for annual departmental budgets.  This is a standard practice at the great majority of colleges across the country.

Gifts that Come Directly to Your Department

If checks, stock, other monetary gifts, or gifts-in-kind such as books, art, mineral samples, equipment, and other non-cash donations come directly to your office, please notify Shannon Schulz, Senior Director of Development Operations, as soon as possible. We need to make sure that all donors receive their required IRS receipts and are properly recognized by the College, and that all cash and checks are deposited into the proper Business Office account.

Thanking Our Donors

Faculty members play a critical role in expressing appreciation to our donors and encouraging them to give additional gifts in the future. Donors enjoy hearing about how their gifts are making a difference in the lives of faculty and students, and a simple thank you from a faculty member may have a tremendous impact on a donor and their future gifts. Stewardship Office staff is happy to work with you on gift acknowledgment and reporting. They also can forward information about your department activities, including newsletters, articles, or CDs and DVDs of events and presentations. This helps donors learn more about your department and feel more invested in its work and future activities.

For more information about academic department gifts, please contact Dan Rustad, Vice President for External Relations, or the Office of the Provost.