• Dining Services (provide at least ten working days notice, whenever possible)
  • Pack-Out Procedures (provide a minimum of seven days advance notice)
    • In an effort to meet the needs of students, Dining Services has designed a pack-out program for board students who will not be able to eat at the dining halls due to a schedule conflict for an authorized school scheduled event. 
  • OneCard
    • You can use your OneCard to charge food and beverage purchases to your department’s primary budget at Sayles-Hill Café or in the Dining Halls. You will need to tell the cashier that you want to do a department charge on your OneCard. You can also load your OneCard with Schillers.
  • Cashless
    • We will be cashless in all locations. We accept credit cards, dining dollars and Schillers.

For off-campus catering ideas, see the department assistant googledoc.