As department chair you are responsible for all files that are departmental in nature such as faculty review files (third-year, tenure, special, etc.), departmental budget files, and departmental review files. It is your responsibility as chair to see that these files are kept up-to-date, and maintained and stored in such a way as to allow for future access when needed. Your department assistant can help with this task. Of course, sensitive files remain confidential and should be accessible only to the chair of the department.

One frequently asked question is how long one must keep files. Department review files and other administrative, curricular, etc. files should be kept as long as they are useful. Files related to job searches are stored in the College’s electronic applicant system, so any paper copies should be shredded at the end of the search.

In the case of third-year, tenure, promotion, or special reviews, copies of files that are part of the candidate’s dossier should be destroyed at the conclusion of the review process. (Copies of these dossiers are stored in the College archives.) Copies of the department or review committee’s letter(s) should be retained. But please remember that these are confidential. Any notes regarding these reviews should be retained for three years, then destroyed. Note also that in most computer operating systems, files that you open in Moodle (including files in a candidate’s dossier) will automatically be saved in the computer’s “Downloads” folder. Personnel files saved to the “Downloads” folder should be deleted. (And, remember to empty your recycle folder!) 

The College Archivist would be happy to consult about which files should eventually be transferred to the archives and which could eventually be destroyed.