The Faculty Retreat serves as the first faculty meeting of the year. As noted in the Faculty Expectations section of the Faculty Handbook, attendance at faculty meetings is considered to be part of a faculty member’s responsibilities. Each year the President of the Faculty, in consultation with other faculty and the Provost, plans the agenda for the retreat and selects topics for discussion by the faculty.

Regular faculty meetings are held each month (except during breaks) usually on the first Monday afternoon of each month. There is often a faculty forum session on the third Monday, so these dates should be reserved, as well. It is expected that faculty will attend these meetings, so departments should be careful not to schedule meetings or other events which would conflict with faculty meeting time. This includes interview talks for job candidates, which if at all possible, should be scheduled so as not to conflict with faculty meetings.

Following are the faculty meeting dates for 2024-2025:

Fall Term 2024

September 10 – Faculty Retreat
September 30 – Faculty Meeting
October 7 – Faculty Meeting
October 28 – Faculty Forum
November 4 – Faculty Meeting
November 18 – Faculty Forum

Winter Term 2025

January 13 – Faculty Meeting
January 27 – Faculty Forum
February 3 – Faculty Meeting
February 17 – Faculty Forum
March 3 – Faculty Meeting

Spring Term 2025

April 7 – Faculty Meeting
April 21 – Faculty Forum
May 12 – Faculty Meeting
June 2 – Faculty Forum