Each November, the Office of the Provost will ask departments to submit requests for non-tenure-track hires for the following year. Departments may wish to nominate a Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professor or consider a pre- or postdoctoral fellow. Carleton has several opportunities for departments or programs to hire pre- or postdoctoral fellows. It is very desirable to invite fellows who will serve as leave replacements, but there is no requirement that limits these appointments to such circumstances.

All Fellows are assigned a mentor through the College mentoring program. They should be encouraged to participate in the mentoring program, Learning and Teaching Center sessions, and department and college activities. They will also receive support for professional meetings and other development activities. If you have questions about any of these fellowship positions, please feel free to contact Associate Provost David Liben-Nowell.

Consortium for Faculty Diversity

Carleton is a member of the Consortium for Faculty Diversity (CFD). The mission of this Consortium is to increase the diversity of students, faculty members and the curricular offerings at liberal arts colleges, with a particular goal of enhancing the diversity of faculty members and applicants for faculty positions at liberal arts institutions. Carleton aims to hire one CFD Fellow each academic year. Departments and programs are encouraged to discuss with the Provost the advantages a CFD Fellow would offer them in any year. The Provost will determine which departments are eligible to interview applicants. 

Each pre-doctoral CFD Fellow teaches two courses per year (post-doctoral Fellows teach three). The Fellow should be in residence all three terms and should start teaching during fall term. Half time should be reserved for research and writing, specifically to complete the dissertation. Each fellow on the job market will receive support to attend the annual CFD conference.

Visit the Interfolio Faculty Information System to find eligible CFD candidates. (The email address to log in is cfd@carleton.edu, and the password is 14 characters long: “Carleton” followed by the number 4 followed by “Ever!”, including the exclamation point).

Oden Postdoctoral Fellows

The Mellon Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities provided grants to match Carleton community giving to establish the Robert A. Oden Jr. Postdoctoral Fellowship for Innovation in the Liberal Arts, which focuses on the social sciences and humanities, and the Robert A. Oden Jr. Postdoctoral Fellowship for Innovation in the Humanities. These postdoctoral fellowships are normally offered in alternating years. 

The fellowships are two-year appointments for a faculty member with doctorate in hand and received no more than five years previously. The positions involve half-time teaching (two courses one year, and three courses the next), and half-time research and writing (turning dissertation into publication). Teaching should include at least one “bread and butter” course (such as an introductory survey), and at least one course in the person’s specialty. These fellowships help fill vacancies created by faculty sabbaticals, and add new subfields and perspectives to the College’s curriculum.

Eligible departments interested in recruiting and hiring a post-doc will be asked to submit a job description and justification for why hosting a post-doc would be useful to the department. The Provost will consider total staffing needs in deciding which departments may proceed with recruiting. There are advantages and disadvantages to arranging a post-doctoral schedule so that the fellow is not teaching in his/her first term. Please discuss this with the Provost if you are considering this option.

Departments and programs interested in hiring a CFD or Oden fellow should discuss their goals and interests with Associate Provost David Liben-Nowell. To request a CFD or Oden Fellow, please complete the Request to Hire Non-Tenure-Track Position form by the mid-November deadline.