The purpose of the Faculty Curricular Planning Committee is to:

  1. Engage in discussions about long-range college-wide curricular planning,
  2. Award Curriculum Innovation Grants, and
  3. Advise the Provost about departmental and interdisciplinary faculty position allocations.

The Committee is chaired by the Provost and includes the five elected faculty members of the ECC and the Associate Provost who sits on the ECC.

As chair, your interaction with the FCPC will most directly concern purpose 3) above. If your department or program envisions the need to hire a tenure-track faculty member — whether because a previously existing position has been vacated or you see a need to add a position — you must submit a proposal for the position to the Provost for discussion with and advice from the FCPC.

If an approved position remains unfilled for two years after initial approval, you will need to resubmit the request to the Provost and FCPC for review.