Instructions for classroom, IT, and facility change requests are typically due in mid-November. Information will be sent to departments in October.

  • Classroom Change Requests are for improvements to current classrooms and/or learning spaces that would enhance your department’s or program’s teaching (either in the upcoming year or further in the future).
  • IT Requests can be for new or significantly changed hardware, software, or classroom technology that you would like the College to purchase. Please Note: This process is separate from the spring-time hardware replacement. 
  • Facility Change Requests support small renewal projects (e.g. re-configuration of a room, changing a doorway, adding electrical service, or extending utility service to support the installation of a new piece of equipment). Requests for funding support are normally in the range of $3,000 to $30,000 and are expected to demonstrate a real need in support of a College or departmental objective. A Facilities representative will be available to assist the requesting department to verify the scope of the request and establish a preliminary budget before the Facilities Department submits the final request to the reviewing committee. These requests are not funding alternates to department responsibilities such as purchasing department owned equipment or furniture. 

More information about the Facility Change Request process

All Facility Change Requests, New Technology Requests, and Classroom Change Requests will be evaluated by the appropriate review committee and someone from that committee will notify you regarding the outcome of your request.

Following are answers to frequently asked Facilities questions:

Is there a painting schedule?

There is no set schedule for routine painting. In general the Facilities office addresses building exteriors first, followed by interior common areas and classrooms, and then office areas. Exteriors are normally repainted about every 8-10 years, interior common spaces every 10 years or as needed, and office areas every 15 years or longer as needed. Exterior painting is scheduled during the summer and fall. Winter break is used to schedule interior paint projects, especially when scheduling an entire building for common area painting. Smaller paint jobs are scheduled throughout the year.

What is the procedure to request painting?

In areas that are looking bad and past due for paint, you should submit a maintenance work order request. Facilities staff will review the request and, if painting is needed, will schedule the work within available budgets. Departments may also fund painting requests that they would like to see completed that are not yet due or that are more decorative in nature. If you wish to enhance space that is not due for painting, you should submit your request using the Facilities Change Request form. If your painting request is approved, Facilities will coordinate all work necessary to complete your project. You do not need to submit a work request to remove or replace existing furniture, shelving, etc.

Who pays for paint projects?

When a painting request is submitted, one of the Facilities supervisors will help determine whether this is something the department budget will be responsible for or if it will be covered through the Facilities maintenance budget. Facilities will typically respond within eight days of making a request. The Facilities office can also help you develop estimates to include in the budget request process. The requestor should be informed whether it is a department charge before the work commences.

If moldings or veneers, window screens, etc. come off and need repair or replacement is that a Facilities or department charge?

These examples are normally considered routine maintenance on building components and the Facilities maintenance budget would pay for the repairs. This is not an unlimited budget however, and other factors may enter into the decision of when and how to repair. Repairs on department responsible furnishings, such as equipment or furniture, are a department charge.

Who should submit work requests?

Everyone at Carleton can help Facilities identify needs and problems. If the work needs to be coordinated with a department or an individual, for example because of access to an office, it is best to receive the request from the person with whom Facilities should be coordinating the work. The request helps to identify the contact person and essentially gives Facilities permission to address the request. You can find the link to submit a Facilities Work Order Request on the Facilities Management homepage or by typing the following address into your browser:

When furniture from offices or common spaces is moved into storage and/or reused by other offices, who pays for these moving charges?

Furniture is considered a department responsibility and all requests and costs associated with it are considered a department charge. Please note Facilities does not have a budget to replace or repair department owned furniture.

Who pays for office expenses for new tenure-track faculty?

The Office of the Provost submits an annual Facilities Change Request to fund office upgrades or furniture of up to $6,000 for each new tenure-track faculty member. This funding should be spent within the fiscal year it is allocated or approved, if possible. Funding may be carried over to the following fiscal year, but this is subject to College approval during the budgeting process, similar to the carry forward budget process for all department budgets.