One of the most important jobs that a chair has to perform annually is to conduct effective and meaningful end-of-year conversations with untenured faculty (except those undergoing a third-year review) to review and discuss their performance and professional development. Each spring you will be reminded to do this. These are mandated by the Faculty Handbook and failure to conduct them may result in a challenge to due process in the case of a negative third-year or tenure review.

Best practices for conducting these meetings and a list of topics that junior faculty have found helpful.

Because the end of spring term can be a hectic time and not always conducive to the type of reflection this conversation requires, we require that these meetings should take place somewhere between the time you receive the memo reminding you to undertake the conversations and the first day of classes in the Fall. The Office of the Provost will send you a form along with the names of the untenured faculty members you should meet with for your use in documenting these conversations. Though it need not be lengthy, be sure to include a summary of the substance of the conversation. Please contact the Provost if you have questions about these conversations or wish to discuss ways of effectively addressing difficult issues.

Many faculty on continuing appointments and their chairs have also found end-of-year conversation to be very helpful, especially in the periods leading up to their 3rd-year and 6th-year reviews. This is an important opportunity to review and discuss their performance and professional development, and can help to avoid surprises at the time of a formal review. I strongly encourage you to have end-of-year conversations with faculty on continuing appointments, and especially those in the first years of their appointment. These conversations should follow the same procedures as described above.