An end-of-term session run by Associate Provost David Liben-Nowell is required of all faculty new to the College. Please encourage your new faculty to attend. This prevents a lot of headaches and takes less than one hour.

What end-of-term exam options are mandated by faculty regulations?

  • a take-home exam due the last day of the exam period,
  • a regularly scheduled exam with no option for the students to self-schedule (appropriate for an open-note or open-book exam or an exam where students must identify slides, etc.),
  • an exam that is given at its regularly scheduled time but which students can also self-schedule,
  • an exam that is entirely self-scheduled,
  • no final exam.

Instructors have only to decide on what exam format they will be using and include this information on their syllabi.

The three exam days each have four or two exam slots for a total of ten. If the exams fall on a Sunday, that day will have two exam slots.

Please note that faculty do not have the power to offer extensions beyond the end of the term. Late work received after established deadlines cannot be graded. 

Self-Scheduled Exams

Each term, the Registrar’s Office will ask faculty if they wish to allow self-scheduling. The Registrar’s Office will provide the necessary student labels, exam envelopes, and cover form for those who elect the self-scheduling option. Self-scheduled exams are administered by proctors in a designated room during each of the regularly scheduled exam slots. Open-book finals cannot be self-scheduled. Faculty may insert student-prepared informational sheets into the examination envelopes if they wish and may designate that students be allowed to use calculators; however, no other test aids will be allowed into the testing room during exam administration.

Faculty who choose self-scheduling and a regularly scheduled final should remind students that they must inform the faculty member, sometime prior to the last week of classes, if they intend to self-schedule the final exam in the course. During the final week of classes, faculty should ascertain the students’ self-scheduling intentions and follow the Registrar’s instructions for submitting exam envelopes. Students who, due to approved accommodations, require additional time beyond the two and one-half hours allotted for the exam slots cannot self-schedule via this process.

Even though they might have officially declared their intention to self-schedule a particular exam, students will be allowed to opt at the last minute to take a regularly scheduled exam. In order to effect this change, students must report to their regularly scheduled exam room at the appropriate time. Students who fail to sit for any of their examinations, for whatever reason, will not be extended the opportunity to sit for exams beyond the last final exam slot. Requests for extensions will only be considered within the parameters described in the Academic Regulations and Procedures Handbook and must be approved by an associate dean.

Faculty may pick up completed exams in Olin Hall during the exam times with appropriate identification. The tests may also be picked up in the Registrar’s Office beginning the day after the last day of final exams.

Regulations and Procedures

Please remember that all regulations were voted into existence by the faculty and NOT by the administrators who are asked to administer them. If you have problems with a regulation, you may bring your issue to the ECC.