The Distinguished Visitors-in-Residence program brings prominent individuals to campus, either academic or non-academic, for short-term residential visits typically between one to two weeks in length. The purpose of the Distinguished Visitors-in-Residence program is to enrich the liberal arts, residential experience by strengthening the intellectual community of the College. It provides an opportunity for deeper interaction with individuals than a single public event may provide, but who would be unable to commit to a term-long visit. Visitors may come from business, professional, public service, or other fields, as well as from academic and artistic fields. Our hope is that the program provides opportunities to explore the achievements and commitments of our guests as well as their distinguished careers. Distinguished Visitors-in-Residence may be hosted by departments, interdisciplinary programs, faculty/staff groups involved in campus initiatives , or ad hoc groups of faculty with common interests.

Distinguished Visitors-in-Residence will normally give a public talk in addition to participating in activities scheduled by the host departments, programs, or faculty group. Visitors will be expected to meet informally with small groups of students, faculty, or staff. Distinguished visitors may offer “short courses” for one to two credits during their visit. Ideal plans for a visitor’s stay will balance the specific purposes of the host group with the wider educational interests of the College. 

Following are examples of Distinguished Visitors-in-Residence:

  • Cormac O’Grada
    Professor Emeritus of Economics, University College Dublin
    Hosted by Economics
    Supported by the Ott Family Faculty Visitor Fund
  • Tim Leunig
    Associate Professor, London School of Economics
    Hosted by Economics
    Supported by the Ott Family Faculty Visitor Fund
  • Peter Kareiva
    Director of the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, UCLA
    Hosted by Environmental Studies
    Supported by the C. Angus Wurtele Fund
  • Andrew Morrison
    Chief Economict of the World Bank’s Gender Development Group
    Hosted by Economics
    Supported by the Ott Family Faculty Visitor Fund

For information about the Distinguished Visitors-in-Residence Program, or to discuss possible visitors, please contact Associate Provost David Liben-Nowell at x4300. 

Be sure to consult this detailed checklist when planning a visit. You may also wish to request lodging for your guest in Faculty Club.