Course releases are granted in order to provide faculty members with time to undertake important service or other activities for the College such as:

  • service on certain College committees (e.g. FPC or chair of FAC)
  • service as department chair or director of some departments and programs
  • work supported by an institutional grant
  • activities that are funded by special endowments or programs (e.g. Bryn Jones Professorship).

Course releases should be taken during the time period in which these activities occur. If this isn’t possible due to departmental needs, course releases may be carried forward up to a maximum of three years. Course releases (or course overload credits) that are not used within three years will be forfeited, unless a plan for using them is submitted and approved by the Provost.

Course releases do not relieve the faculty member from other responsibilities to the College, including advising, reading comps, serving on committees, participating in departmental business, etc. In other words, two course releases (or one course release in a one-course teaching term) do not constitute a sabbatical term and faculty members are expected to continue to be in residence and carry out their other duties during the term in which they have a course release.

Ordinarily, course releases will not be replaced. Applications for hiring replacements can be made by completing the Request to Hire Non-Tenure-Track form.