The Career Center supports students during all four years at Carleton to explore and define their career goals.

The Career Center empowers students and recent grads to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to apply their liberal arts education and undertake the lifelong process of career development. Through a variety of programs, resources, and tools, the Career Center assists students with self-assessment and skill building, and provides experiential opportunities and access to employers and graduate programs. We engage the Carleton community and facilitate career-related connections among our partners — students, alumni, parents, faculty, employers, and friends – to position students to succeed in their career paths and to live a meaningful life after Carleton.

Key ways in which the Career Center supports students in their career development:

  • Assist students in assessing their career-related interests, skills, and values.
  • Provide career coaching and assistance in decision-making about majors and career areas of interest.
  • Coach students on effective professional self-presentation, including providing instruction on writing resumes, cover letters, and applications, interviewing, and networking.
  • Collaborate with faculty and academic departments in advising students on career interests.
  • Advise students on graduate and professional school application.
  • Guide students through a process of goal setting and reflection on long-term and short-term internship, externship, and experiential learning activities.
  • Award funding to students needing financial support for internships, externships, and interview travel
  • Cultivate and maintain a database of internships and jobs posted to Carleton students.
  • Coordinate a variety of job recruiting activities and interviews on campus and through off-campus career fairs.
  • Provide career exploratory programs and mentoring through alumni and parent networks.
  • Coordinate a Careers Alumni Board and hundreds of alumni and parent volunteers in providing career-related information and experiences for students.

For further information, see the Career Center website, call x4293, or visit them in Johnson House.