Carleton has an endowment fund to support one or more Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professors each year. Nominations may come from any department or program at the College. Please include a curriculum vitae, if possible, and send nominations to Associate Provost Liben-Nowell. Requests are normally due in mid-November.

Recruiting for a Benedict appointment should take place early in the academic year for the subsequent one or two academic years. Experience has shown that people of the caliber we seek must be engaged well in advance of the time we wish them to come to Carleton.

Nominees for Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professors should be scholars of distinction who could enrich our teaching programs and stimulate their Carleton faculty colleagues. Appointments normally are for one term, although other appointments might be considered under extraordinary circumstances. It is very desirable to invite Benedicts who will serve as leave replacements, but there is no requirement that limits a Benedict appointment to such circumstances.