In 2009, the faculty approved a College policy on Digital Archiving of Comps and Honors Papers.

The intent of this policy is to systematically collect & archive significant student work in a digital form. The digital archive is a “closed archive” in that the full text of the documents can only be accessed with the permission of Carleton faculty. The Carleton Digital Archive of Comps, Honors Papers & Prize-Winning Works, part of Carleton Digital Commons, is comprised of descriptive metadata (titles, authors, etc.) visible to anyone. To access the full text or to authorize a Carleton student, staff member, or the original author to access full text of an item in the archive, faculty members or the original author can use this request form. Library staff will fulfill requests during office hours.

Department chairs should ensure that all faculty, staff and students in their departments are aware of the College’s goal of archiving significant student work and discuss how the submission of their department’s student work for digital archiving can become a routine process. A number of departments have already incorporated digital archiving into their list of comps completion steps.

The online submission form for students can accommodate both individual and group submissions (i.e. a single comps project carried out by a group of students.) Direct submission by students is preferable to having a departmental assistant do the submission, due to the specific nature of the descriptive information needed. By completing the submission form and digital file/s, the student is agreeing to allow the College to archive their work.

More archiving instructions and FAQs

For questions or to discuss comps archiving procedures for your department, email the comps group.