Your Alumni

Carleton’s academic departments and individual faculty members serve as a vital connecting point for alumni. The Office of Alumni Relations and our alumni recognize and appreciate the many ways that faculty keep in touch with alumni. Following are some ways Alumni Relations can help you stay connected. They welcome your comments and suggestions and would also love to learn more about what your department does to stay connected with your alumni.

Communicating with Alumni

  • Alumni Relations can provide current lists, spreadsheets, and/or labels for mail or email to alumni. To request a list, fill out the alumni communication form. Alumni Relations will complete your request within a week.
  • Want Alumni Relations to send an email for you or your department? Use the alumni communication form. Alumni Relations can make it look like it’s coming from your department, or from a specific person, and their broadcast email program has a few advantages: avoiding spam filters, tracking the percentage of people who open the email, and the option to re-send to people who haven’t opened the message. If it’s a mailing (or if you send the email yourself), please send a copy of the communication to the Office of Alumni Relations in case alumni contact them with questions.
  • Carleton has email addresses for over 80% of our alumni, but we are always trying to improve our communications and records. If you receive updates from alumni (such as new contact or employment information, birth announcements, etc.), please forward them to

Support for Department-organized Alumni Gatherings

  • Reunion is held every year on the third weekend of June. Registration for Reunion usually begins in March, and a list of registrants will be available on the Reunion website. In addition, at the beginning of June, the Alumni Relations office will provide a list to each department and program of the alumni who have registered for Reunion and who majored in that department or program. After these lists are provided, the volume of work involved in preparing for Reunion may preclude further departmental registration updates.
  • On Friday afternoon of Reunion weekend, all faculty and staff are welcome at the Carnival and Happy Hour in the main tent and on the Bald Spot. Individual departmental and campus office gatherings are scheduled earlier on Friday afternoon to provide an opportunity for alumni to connect with others from their major(s) and to see familiar and new people and places on campus.

If you have questions, please contact Michael Thompson in the Office of Alumni Relations.