College admissions is an intensely competitive field. Carleton remains highly selective for the very best domestic and international students, but not without year-round efforts on the part of the Admissions staff, alumni volunteers and, increasingly, faculty. We continue to make special efforts to recruit a diverse and high-achieving student body, with particular attention paid to low-income, first-generation, and BIPOC students. As both educators and advisors, faculty play a critical role in this recruitment and retention work. Increasingly, faculty have an important role to play ensuring that Carleton enrolls and supports a truly diverse, accomplished cohort each year.

As chair, you will receive requests from admissions staff to talk with prospective students or their parents. These conversations may take time out of an already busy day, but they are essential. Find out students’ interests and background, highlight how your department might meet students’ needs, and otherwise tell as much about the College as they want to hear. Remember that you may be the only faculty member they will meet on their visit. Students routinely comment that contact with a faculty member was the determining factor in their decision to enroll at Carleton.

In Spring Term, the Admissions and Financial Aid Committee (AFAC) has requested that admission publications and promotional material be sent annually to all department and program chairs. In Winter Term, you may also be asked to rewrite or update a letter that goes to all students accepted for admission who expressed interest in your subject.  Throughout the year, you are encouraged to make information pertinent to prospective students easily accessible on your department website. 

Every April, you will be asked to help recruit admitted students. You will be invited to participate in in-person or virtual programs that cater to admitted students and their parents or guardians. Requests for departmental assistance will vary slightly from year to year, but will be clearly communicated and circumscribed.