So… you’re the chair/director!

The purpose of this Handbook is to help those with little previous administrative experience learn as quickly as possible how to chair a department and to provide a handy reference for experienced chairs. The Department Chair/Program Director Handbook in no way replaces the Faculty Handbook (which has legal, contractual status), but it is offered as a helpful supplement.

The topics in the Handbook are arranged in alphabetical order. As you read through the various topics, you will find deadlines printed in bold. You will also find these deadlines included on the Department Chair/Program Director Calendar. This calendar is provided to give you an idea of some of the activities, events or deadlines that will affect you and/or your department throughout the year.

I hope you find this Handbook helpful. Throughout your tenure as chair, if you find items that should be addressed in this Handbook, please let us know.

Michelle Mattson, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Department Chair/Program Director Handbook

Table of Contents