Application Forms and Guidelines for Expectations while on Leave

June 2024

Use the above links to access the application forms necessary to apply for a leave during the 2025–2026 academic year. As you contemplate your leave of absence from Carleton, please keep in mind what you should expect from the College while on leave. All sabbatical leaves must be approved by the Board of Trustees, and you should make every effort to meet the deadline of October 1, 2024. Once your leave has been approved, any changes in plans MUST be reported to the Provost.

  1. Office Space. Office space is at a high premium on the Carleton campus. Unfortunately, we can not offer any assurance that you will be able to keep your office while you are on leave. It may be necessary to make it available to a visiting faculty member. If you remain in Northfield for your leave and feel you need to use your office space during that time, be sure to discuss this as soon as possible with your department chair and with Associate Provost Eric Egge. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests to keep offices during a leave period, or to provide alternative space, but it cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Benefits. Depending upon the nature and length of your leave, your eligibility for some of the College’s benefits may change. Be sure to contact Human Resources (x5989) if you have any questions. (Example: If you are on the College payroll for half-time or more in a given academic year, you retain full eligibility for all benefits for the full year. If you are on unpaid leave for two or more terms, you may not be eligible for benefits during those terms.)
  3. If you are taking a leave without pay for two terms or more, you should discuss continuation of your Faculty Development Account (FDA) with the Provost. If the purpose of your leave is to pursue scholarly activity while on leave, your FDA will almost certainly be continued; however, if you hold employment at another institution, you will likely not receive the FDA.
  4. Administrative Support. Your department assistant will continue to support your College business-related needs (i.e., letters of recommendation, reviews of departments or tenure candidates for other institutions, etc.). However, support for current courses and the department chair will take precedence.
  5. Scholarly Expenses. You will most likely be off for one, two, or three terms pursuing your own scholarly or creative interests. Copying, administrative support services, or other expenses for your personal scholarly activity during leaves should be paid from your FDA. If you have further needs, you may apply for a small Faculty Development Endowment Grant (deadline is September 8) or a Provost’s Discretionary grant (letter to the Provost). Such expenses should not be charged to the regular departmental budget.
  6. Participation in Colleagues’ Third-Year and Tenure Reviews. If you are tenured, you will be expected to participate in a junior colleague’s tenure review while you are on leave. You will normally be asked to participate in third-year reviews, as well; if you don’t participate you must be explicitly excused by the Provost. Please make advance preparation for participation by discussing logistics with your chair and arranging to make the necessary class visits, etc.
  7. Other responsibilities to the College, your department, and students while on leave. It is always difficult to separate yourself completely from the life of the College and the department when on leave. This is especially true for faculty remaining in residence during a leave. Requests from students to write recommendation letters or to advise comps or independent studies and requests to participate in departmental hiring or other activities are inevitable. Keep in mind that with the exception of item 6 above, you are under no obligation to take on such duties. It is your choice whether or not to comply with such requests. Be sure, however, to communicate in a timely fashion with students about your decision regarding their requests for recommendations and with colleagues.
  8. Sabbatical and Professional Leave Eligibility. You do not continue to accrue sabbatical or professional leave eligibility during terms you are on leave for any reason.

Our hope is that your planning will lead to a refreshing and productive leave in all the ways you want it to be. Please contact the Office of the Provost (x4303) if you need any help.