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Monday, September 11, 2023


Today’s Schedule and Opening Convocation

Classes begin today at 8:30 a.m. with a special schedule of slightly shortened classes for the day to accommodate Opening Convocation at 3:00 p.m. in Skinner Memorial Chapel. PLEASE NOTE that Friday will also have a special schedule.  See all the details for the class schedule and the academic procession.

Leave Requests

Tenured, tenure-track, PEAR, and continuing faculty members who wish to request a sabbatical or other leave of absence for all or part of the academic year 2024-2025 should do so by October 1, 2023. See the forms and guidelines for expectations while on a leave.

Changes To Classroom Computers

There have been big changes to classroom instructor computers this summer, including the move to MacOS only for many rooms. Please visit the Classroom Technology Support page to find the computer setup in the classroom(s) where you will be teaching, including whether the room has a computer and, if so, its operating system(s). More information about this change is available at this ITS blog post.

Undergraduate Research and Internship Symposium Scheduled for Friday, October 13

This year’s Undergraduate Research and Internship Symposium will be held in the Weitz Commons, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm, on Friday, October 13.  As was the case last year, to accommodate the large number of posters we anticipate, and to give student presenters a chance to see some of the other posters, each poster will be presented in one of two sessions.  The first session will be from 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm, then there will be half an hour of transition time, and the second session will be from 5:45 pm to 6:30 pm.

The last day for students to register for the symposium is Thursday, September 28, and the registration form is available on the symposium website.

Did You Have Students Involved in Research This Summer?

If you had students involved in research experiences this summer, please encourage them to complete the Summer Experience Survey from the Career Center. On Sunday, August 27th, all sophomores, juniors, and seniors received an email invitation with a personalized link to the survey, which is open through Friday, September 15th. It is important that the Career Center hear from all students in order to have accurate and usable data to help plan for future student support and resources. Plus, as part of the survey, students can choose to include their information as part of the Career Center’s Student Internship Database, which helps future students find internships, research experiences, and volunteer opportunities. Email Chad Ellsworth cellsworth@carleton.edu if you have any questions or concerns.

Announcement from the Media Library for Public Scholarship

Do you want to share your experiences as a public scholar with the broader community? Are you curious about the journeys others have embarked on to embrace public scholarship here on our campus? If so, we invite you to explore the Media Library for Public Scholarship, an initiative of the Broom Fellowship for Public Scholarship in the Center for Community and Civic Engagement (CCCE).  

If you’re interested in contributing your own narrative to this collection, simply complete our online form. Both faculty and staff are welcome to share their stories. We also encourage all members of the Carleton community to engage with these insightful interviews and consider incorporating them into their classroom discussions or advising sessions. Sharing these stories can help inspire and inform our community’s pursuit of public scholarship.

Updating your Contact Information

As we start the new year, please take a moment to review your contact information in Workday. Go to your Profile and choose Contact to review and edit your home address and phone number.

Record Your Name

When you view the Campus Directory, faculty, staff and students who have recorded their names will have a speaker icon to the right of their name. If you haven’t already recorded your name and have a name where the pronunciation isn’t obvious, it would be helpful to have a recording. You can record your name by following the instructions using NameCoach.

Faculty Education in Workday

Faculty educational information is important for accreditation and reporting. The Grants Office also occasionally contacts the Provost’s office for information on faculty in certain disciplines or faculty who’ve received their degrees within certain dates so they may reach out as appropriate about grant opportunities.

Please take a moment to verify that your information is correct in Workday by going to your profile, choosing Career in the blue bar on the left, and then the Education tab. You may add or edit most information on this page; however, if you find something is inaccurate or missing and can’t edit it, please send a note to ppfister.

Thank you for helping us make sure this very important information is accurate.

Faculty Personnel Advisers

The following is a list of recent former Faculty Personnel Committee members who are on campus this year who are now Faculty Personnel Advisers. They are available to consult with any faculty member with questions about third-year or tenure reviews, or other personnel matters.

Deborah Appleman
Peter Balaam (leave term 2 and 3)
Stacy Beckwith (leave term 2 and 3)
Kelly Connole (leave term 2)
Melissa Eblen-Zayas
Cati Fortin
Dan Hernández
Michael McNally (leave term 3)
Raka Mitra
Susannah Ottaway
Tim Raylor (leave term 2 and 3)
Katie Ryor

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Provost. Please disseminate the list as you feel appropriate.


Welcome Back to Fall Term!

I would like to send a special thank you to all first-year advisers for all the work you have done with your Class of 2027 advisees during New Student Week. Your work with our entering students is invaluable.

It was great to see many of you at the Annual Advising Workshop. The Advising Handbook website has the powerpoint presentations with important updates shared by our presenters at the workshop.

Below you will see important dates to remind your advisees of deadlines they should be mindful of as they plan their fall term.

Key Deadlines during Fall 2023

  • Friday, September 15, Ten-week Independent Study and Overload Petition Deadline (both at 5:00 p.m.)
  • Sunday, September 17, First Five-week and Ten-week Course Drop/Add Deadline (11:59 p.m.)
  • Friday, September 29, First Five-week Course Late Drop and S/CR/NC Deadline (5:00 p.m.)
  • Thursday, October 5-Sophomore Banquet (kickoff dinner for Sophomorphosis)
  • Thursday, October 12, Sophomorphosis Majors and Minors Fair
  • Friday, October 20, Second Five-week Course Drop/Add Deadline (5:00 p.m.)
  • Monday, October 23, Advising Days Begin (through October 31)
  • Friday October 27, Ten-week Course Late Drop and S/CR/NC Deadline (5:00 p.m.)
  • Friday, November 3, Second Five-week Course Late Drop and S/CR/NC Deadline (5:00 p.m.)


Each fall we hold a series of events designed specifically for sophomores.  These events cover a wide range of topics that will be of particular value to your sophomore advisees—from working on their writing portfolio to thinking about off-campus study options, from selecting a major to interviewing skills to internship or fellowship opportunities. This year, we are holding a Sophomore Banquet to kick-off our programming that will run through winter term. All of the details are on the Sophomorphosis website.

My office will make sure that all sophomores are aware of the program, and we have enlisted SDAs to help us promote it, but it really helps to have advisers encourage their sophomore advisees to attend some of these events. Please forward this information to your sophomore advisees and urge them to make time in their busy schedules to attend these events.

Student Health and What Advisers Should Know

The website Supporting Student Mental Health serves as a one-stop shop for mental health related information designed specifically for faculty, staff, and families (not students). Instead of surfing through the SHAC website, calling the Dean of Students Office, or searching for Health Promotion’s training opportunities — you can find it all on the Supporting Student Mental Health website. Specific subpages include an emergency situation flowchart, educational resources, support resources based on type of concern, and frequently asked questions.

Take a Faculty or Staff Academic Adviser to Lunch

Take A Faculty Member or Staff Academic Adviser to Lunch is a privilege linked to faculty and staff academic advisers OneCards, redeemable in both Carleton dining halls during the lunch period Monday–Friday, during the same time period that student meal plans are active. Eligible faculty and staff academic advisers have three meals per term to use when dining with a student for mentoring purposes.

  • Faculty or Staff Advisor: Present your OneCard and inform the cashier that you want to use one of your “Take A Faculty Member to Lunch” meals.  The student joining you is expected to pay for their own lunch.

Advising Quick Links

Grants and Fellowships

Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program

The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program offers opportunities for independent research or study related to Smithsonian collections, facilities, and/or research interests of the Institution and its staff. The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program offers residential fellowships for research and study in the following fields and encourages applications of an interdisciplinary nature: Animal behavior, ecology, and environmental science, including an emphasis on the tropics; Anthropology, including archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, and physical anthropology; Astrophysics and astronomy; Earth sciences and paleobiology; Evolutionary & systematic biology; Folklife; History of science and technology; History of art, especially American, contemporary, African, and Asian art, twentieth-century American crafts, and decorative arts; Materials research; Molecular biology; Social and cultural history of the United States.

Applications are due by 11/1. The Fellowships come with a stipend of $57,000 per year plus $5,000 for research. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please reach out to the Grants Office.


AI Community of Practice

The AI Community of Practice is an informal group of faculty and staff who come together to discuss the myriad of issues raised by emerging AI technologies.  The primary meeting point is this online forum, which you are welcome to join. The group also meets roughly twice a term. This term’s meetings are:

  • Wednesday, 9/20, 4-5PM: What tools are available to students right now, and what can they do? (Led by Wiebke Kuhn and Academic Technology)
  • Wednesday, 10/18, 4-5PM: Open discussion on lessons learned from teaching with AI

Everyone is welcome at the in-person meetings, whether you plan to contribute or just want to listen and learn.

Finally, please note that there are resource pages for faculty on working with AI on the WAC website.  There’s also a resource page for students on AI and academic misconduct here, though it is strongly recommend that you use it as part of a class discussion, not simply a destination that you send students to. If you have questions, please be in touch with George Cusack.