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Monday, May 22, 2023


Honors Convocation on Friday – 3:00 p.m.

As noted in the Campus Handbook, there are a few annual events where faculty attendance is understood to be part of a faculty member’s responsibilities. Two of those are coming up – Honors Convo and Commencement.

On Friday, May 26th, we will celebrate the awards and academic accomplishments of our incredible students. The accomplishments of our students are a direct reflection of the work, sacrifice, time, patience and skills of our faculty. Therefore, please dust off the regalia and be ready to join the traditional Academic Procession to Skinner Chapel. The processional lineup will form in the lawn in front of Laird Hall at 2:45 pm. 

Please remember that there will be an adjusted class schedule on Friday to accommodate this important event. See more details on the Convocations website.

Setting up SRPs in Workday:  Step Two is Ready

Our process for hiring SRPs for the upcoming summer is well underway;  thank you to everyone who has completed step one of our two-step process.  Step two, which needs to be done in Workday, is now ready to go for those who have completed step one.  For more information and detailed instructions, please see the Information & Support for Faculty page on our undergraduate research website.

Summer Research Support

If you are working on research with students this summer, your Reference and Instruction liaisons are here to help support those efforts. Summer Research Partners, Research Assistants, students doing independent research, or students taking part in the Summer Liberal Arts Institute – whatever form their research takes, please feel free to get in touch if it would be useful for those students to speak with their librarian. In lieu of workshops, the library is also working on short video modules aimed at the Summer Research Partners, but for more targeted support, reach out to your liaison librarian or reference@carleton.edu. Additionally, as you plan your fall courses, the liaisons are available to talk through library support for your classes.

Summer 2023 Student Research Partnerships

The Humanities Center is pleased to announce two additional recipients of summer break Student Research Partner (SRP) awards for 2023.

Bill North (History) and Tim Abbott ’26

Bill North (History) and Tim Abbott ’26 will work on collating the two known manuscripts to prepare a critical edition of a 12th century Latin commentary on the book of Lamentations by the monk William of Fly (Flaix), who was converted from Judaism as a young boy. The commentary forms part of a cluster of works on Lamentations that emerge in the first half of the 12th century and therefore can offer important insights into the changing meanings of Lamentations and the fall of Jerusalem. Funded by the Humanities Center Trustee Endowed Research Fund.

Serena Zabin (History), Ambar Galaviz ’26 and Riley Gibson ’26

Ambar Galaviz ’26 and Riley Gibson ’26 will assist Serena Zabin (History) in working through the nearly nine thousand petitions recently scanned by the State Library of Virginia. Such petitions allowed citizens and others to send complaints, requests or suggestions to the government. Zabin and the SRPs plan to organize these by type, gender, and other categories of claims to citizenship as a first step towards making sense of this enormous but underused source. Funded by the Humanities Center Trustee Endowed Research Fund.

Sign Up for the Final GLASS Event of Spring Term

Joan Gallos, author of Reframing Academic Leadership, will present her talk titled, “Increasing your impact: Making a difference in ways that matter” on Thursday, June 1st, 10-11:30am via Zoom (in-person watch party location Weitz 230) with in-person lunch provided afterwards from 11:30-12:30pm for the first 20 individuals to sign-up. Her abstract can be found here. Register for the talk to get the zoom link and lunch by May 22nd here. This event is sponsored by the Provost’s Office. Please direct questions to Marty Baylor (mbaylor@carleton.edu). Information on this event and prior GLASS event resources can be found here.

Spring Term Exams – Saturday, June 3, Sunday, June 4, and Monday, June 5

All examinations will be held in the same rooms in which classes have been held during the term unless the Registrar’s Office has assigned you to a different examination room. If you need a different room for exams, please contact Ann May (amay@carleton.edu). If it is possible, your class will be assigned to a larger classroom. 

  • End of Term Deadlines can be found here.
  • Reading Day policies can be found here.
  • Examinations policies can be found here.
  • Exam time slots can be found here
  • Self Scheduled Exams will be held in Olin 149.  There will be one additional exam slot for self-scheduled exams only on Sunday, June 4, 12 – 2:30 p.m.  For those of you using the Self-Scheduled Exam process, your exams are due to the Registrar’s Office Thursday, June 1 at 4:30 p.m..  More information about self-scheduled exams can be found here.   If you are still interested in using the Self Scheduled Exam process, please contact Ann May as soon as possible.  Self Scheduled exam supplies will be distributed during the 8th week of the term.
  • SENIOR GRADES are due on Wednesday, June 7 at 8:30 a.m.
  • All other student’s grades are due on Wednesday, June 14 at 8:30 a.m.

More information about grading can be found here.

Summer 2023 Humanities Research Groups

The Humanities Center and Ethical Inquiry at Carleton (EthIC) are pleased to announce the funding of four summer research groups. This is a new venture for the Humanities Center. Thank you to Clara Hardy and Daniel Groll for the program idea and for agreeing to oversee it this summer!

Colleen Carpenter (Environmental Studies), Alyssa Alvarez ’26, Sam Gilbert ’24, Florence Basile ’26, Josey MacDonald ’25, Clara Gale ’25, Megan Roesler ’26

Colleen Carpenter (Environmental Studies), Alyssa Alvarez ’26, Sam Gilbert ’24, Florence Basile ’26, Josey MacDonald ’25, Clara Gale ’25, Megan Roesler ’26 will work on the project Memory, Community, and Justice in the Anthropocene. Each student will choose a memorial related to an environmental justice issue (for example: there are memorials to lost glaciers; memorials to people killed in environmental disasters etc), and research 1) the environmental justice issue or event itself; 2) the memorial; and 3) assess how the memorial serves or doesn’t serve its community in terms of “telling the story” not just of what happened but of who the community is because of the event. Funded by the EthIC Joan Hanson Fund.

Daniel Groll (Philosophy)

Daniel Groll (Philosophy) will be leading a research group of students who have won a Hanson Ethics Fellowship for summer research in any topic related to ethical inquiry. While students will be pursuing their own projects, they will do common readings, develop research skills, exchange ideas and present results of their research to each other over the course of the summer. The students will be doing research on the permissibility of paternalism, the nature of moral motivation, Chat GPT and plagiarism, the ethics of experimental education movements, and the nature of cults (versus religions). Funded by the EthIC Joan Hanson Fund.

Victoria Morse (History) Evan Orjala ’24, Alex Wilson ‘24, Griffin Momsen-Hudson ’25, Hope Yu ’26, Nicholas Spezia-Shwiff ’24, and Abdullah Ansar ’25

Victoria Morse (History) Evan Orjala ’24, Alex Wilson ‘24, Griffin Momsen-Hudson ’25, Hope Yu ’26, Nicholas Spezia-Shwiff ’24, and Abdullah Ansar ’25 will research the theoretical basis a new course Global Middle Ages; discover themes, topics, and readings from a variety of world cultures; choose a coherent set of readings appropriate for a 100-level course; and begin to design discussion questions and assignments. Funded by the Humanities Center Trustee Endowed Research Fund.

Juan Diego Prieto (Political Science) and Suwannee Conroy-Baarsch ’26, Manoka Kozaki ’26, Elsa Snowbeck ’25, Brayden Stark ’24, Eric Yuan ’25, and Andy (Bowen) Yang ’24

Juan Diego Prieto (Political Science) and Suwannee Conroy-Baarsch ’26, Manoka Kozaki ’26, Elsa Snowbeck ’25, Brayden Stark ’24, Eric Yuan ’25, and Andy (Bowen) Yang ’24 will work on the project State-Level Emergency Welfare which is part of a broader study that analyzes state and local government responses to the socioeconomic impact of COVID-19 in Brazil, Colombia, and the United States, as a window into different aspects of the present and possible futures of social protection. The team I will review the U.S. data compiled by the Oxford Covid-19 Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT) with an eye toward correcting its state social assistance scores. The revised data will be shared with the OxCGRT project. They will then reanalyze the overall patterns of aid expansion and retrenchment and select a small number of states to conduct qualitative case studies. These case studies will be based on online media sources and government websites and social media profiles. In addition to tracing the specific relief programs adopted in different states, the case studies will examine government officials’ narratives around aid expansion (typically employing discourses of care, public health and safety, and collective well-being) and retrenchment (which mostly revolved around discourses of work, self-reliance, reducing government overreach, and returning to normalcy). Funded by the EthIC Joan Hanson Fund.


Important Dates and Deadlines

Make note of the important SPRING TERM 2023 Dates and Deadlines. Please be mindful of deadline times as well as dates and make sure that your advisees do the same.

Here is a handy list of the remaining academic deadlines during the spring 2023 trimester.

  • Monday, May 22, Registration Begins
  • Friday, May 19, Second Five-week Course Late Drop and S/CR/NC deadline (5:00 p.m.)
  • Wednesday, May 31, Last day of classes

Advising Quick Links

Grants and Fellowships


Get Certified in Mental Health First Aid

Want to feel more confident in supporting people who are experiencing mental health challenges? Get certified in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)! Mental Health First Aid training will be offered on June 16th @ 8:30am-5:00pm! The certification is a full 7.5 hours in length and requires 2-hours of self-paced, asynchronous, course-work beforehand. For more info and registration here. MHFA will be facilitated by Patrick Gordon (Office of Health Promotion) & Rachel Morrison (SHAC). Questions? Contact OHP via healthpromotion@carleton.edu

Day of Public Scholarship

You are invited to attend and register for the inaugural Day of Public Scholarship on Thursday, June 8, 2023 (during senior week), sponsored by the Broom Fellowship for Public Scholarship and the CCCE. You can hold your place by signing up here

The agenda will include guest speakers in the morning, lunch, and facilitated written and group reflections on public scholarship in the afternoon. You will hear from two experts who will share their public scholarship journeys: Dr. Ellen Mayock, author of Gender Shrapnel in the Academic Workplace and professor at Washington & Lee, and Dr. Buffy Smith, Dean of the Dougherty Family College at the University of St Thomas.

Guiding questions that will shape the day’s content include: How do public scholars employ academic resources and different forms of knowledge to create collaborative tools to address pressing public priorities and social challenges? How are non-experts included or addressed in this practice? How can scholars shift academic cultural norms and political power toward equity and inclusion? For instance, are there ways public scholars can position themselves in opposition to attacks against marginalized communities? Does our public scholarship inform our teaching or vice versa? In what ways can we prepare our students to become public scholars?

Please be in touch with Palmar Álvarez-Blanco if you have questions.