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Monday, August 15, 2022


A Note from the Provost

I have really enjoyed the many open forums and discussion opportunities of the last few weeks. Also, I greatly appreciate the patience folks have shown me in terms of learning names and remembering the variety of roles that everyone plays on campus. Some really important questions were raised in these meetings and some truly promising suggestions came out of both the faculty forums and the first of the staff forums.

One of the more timely questions related to further information for faculty about attendance expectations for students moving into the new academic year as well as planning for the eventuality that a faculty member might have to be absent as well. The rest of my comments in this issue of the ELT respond to that question.

As you know, in general, a Carleton College education places a premium on in-person, on-campus instruction. Of course, the pandemic has taught us that students will not always be able to participate in person and many of us have devised ways to accommodate student participation remotely during class sessions. Similarly, faculty members may also contract COVID and should plan ahead for such eventualities.

Student Absences

Faculty who feel comfortable setting up remote participation for students who are isolating due to COVID may continue this practice, but there is no mandate that they do so. Instead, we ask that all faculty take the following steps prior to the beginning of each term: 

  1. Consult within your departments and programs about what adjustments you are willing to make in order to ensure that all members of the department or program are aware of the general instructional parameters specific to that program.
  2. Put into your syllabus and discuss with your students your own policies relative to attendance generally and remote participation specifically.

You have options as faculty members, including that students who are ill stay away from class altogether and — in communication with you — determine how they can make up missed class meetings and/or missed work. Even if you are willing to provide remote options for COVID-related illnesses, you are not obligated to provide that option to other students who have to miss class for other reasons. Please contact the Office of the Provost for any assistance.

Faculty Absences

Although we certainly hope it will not be the case, it is likely that there will also be instances of COVID among the faculty in the coming year. Going into the term with a plan for how you would handle such absences in terms of your courses will be useful should the situation arise. Depending on the severity of the illness, faculty may consider teaching their courses remotely, but please consult with the Office of the Provost before making that decision so that we are well informed of any courses that are being taught temporarily in remote fashion.

Faculty may also consider substituting asynchronous activities for in-person activities, asking a colleague to step in, or having a student prefect offer in-person practice or activity-based sessions. Departments and programs should also discuss internally how they will handle faculty absences. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of the Provost for clarification and potential options.

Finally, during the first few days of the term, you should definitely talk with your students about your expectations to make sure they are aware of your classroom and attendance expectations and to clarify your planning for what will occur if you yourself become ill and must isolate.

Student Course Materials Fees Reminder

As you’re preparing for fall classes, we wanted to remind you about a change regarding student academic fees.  As was announced in the April 14 edition of Carleton Today, effective this fall the College has discontinued most student course and materials fees related to academic credit. For example, beginning in the fall it will no longer be possible to charge students directly for materials used in a course or for a coursepack used in place of a textbook. If you have questions related to these changes, please contact Eric Egge.

Assessment Reports

If your department or program hasn’t yet submitted your assessment report, please do so as soon as possible. Carleton’s new Associate Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, Ian Turnage-Butterbaugh, started work last week, and he will be reading your reports and helping us prepare for next summer’s submission to the Higher Learning Commission.

One Last Reminder

LEAVES OF ABSENCE. Tenured, tenure-track, PEAR, and continuing faculty members who wish to request a sabbatical or other leave of absence for all or part of the academic year 2023-2024 should do so by October 1, 2022. See the forms and guidelines for expectations while on a leave.

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT GRANTS.  September 9th is the deadline for faculty members to submit proposals for support through several different funds

New Fall Book Group

Reframing Academic Leadership by Joan Gallos and Lee Bolman looks at academic leadership through four frames with the idea that by understanding and effectively using these four dimensions of academic leadership, one can more effectively navigate institutional structures, create buy-in, and promote change. Whether you are in a formal leadership position or not, this book provides concrete tools that have the potential to help you be more effective at moving forward issues you care about.

This book group is appropriate for those who are in or are going to be in a chair or director role, are moving into leadership roles in your professional field, and/or have issues that you are passionate about that you would like to move forward though not in a formal leadership role. The book group is geared towards faculty, but staff are welcome to participate. Facilitators will be Jennifer Wolff, Mija Van Der Wege, and Marty Baylor. See dates, times, and registration information (including choices for receiving the book).

Faculty Personnel Advisors

The following is a list of recent former Faculty Personnel Committee members who are on campus this year who are now Faculty Personnel Advisors. They are available to consult with any faculty member with questions about third-year or tenure reviews, or other personnel matters.

  • Deborah Appleman   
  • Peter Balaam (OCS term 2)
  • Stacy Beckwith                                  
  • Kelly Connole (leave term 2)
  • Melissa Eblen-Zayas
  • Cati Fortin (leave term 2 and 3)
  • Deborah Gross
  • Dan Hernández
  • Michael McNally
  • Raka Mitra
  • Tim Raylor
  • Katie Ryor
  • Cathy Yandell

If you have any questions please contact the Provost’s office.


An Early Look at Planning for Advising Events for Fall 2022

The advising office is planning for a full slate of advising events for Fall 2022. On September 1-2, new faculty and staff advisers will be trained in two half-day workshops.

The Annual Advising Workshop will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 7 followed by the group advising meetings which will be in-person at locations reserved by the advisers. Advising of new students will occur on Thursday and Friday of NSW (Sept. 8-9). Individual advising meetings will occur in faculty offices or other locations in-person, as arranged by the adviser with their first-year advisees. These meetings normally occur on the Thursday or Friday of NSW, but may also occur during the first week of classes (Sept. 12-16).

We continue to work on planning for the Academic Fair and Sophomorphosis. The Academic Fair will occur in-person in the Rec Center Fieldhouse from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 8. We expect to hold the usual range of presentations for Sophomorphosis from September 28th until October 13th. The Sophomorphosis schedule will be released at the beginning of the term.

Advising Quick Links

Grants and Fellowships

Conferences and Workshops