Aerial view of campus with Willis Hall in foreground

In February 2024, the COACHE* Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey will be administered at Carleton. The survey captures faculty sentiment regarding teaching, service and research, tenure and promotion, departmental engagement and collegiality, and other aspects of the academic workplace.

Michelle Mattson

“I am eager to learn from the responses to the survey what areas of work at the College are largely satisfying from our faculty’s perspective and where we can continue to strive for improvement. I am specifically interested in giving you the opportunity to share your perspectives anonymously.”

A line of faculty outoors in their academic regalia


  • February 2024: COACHE survey launches
  • February–April 2024: Website updates share participation rates and other relevant news
  • April 2024: Survey closes
  • Fall 2024: Provost Office receives and processes COACHE data
  • Fall 2024: COACHE results are shared
  • Spring 2025: Action plans and proposals based on findings are created
  • Summer/Fall 2025: Implementation of recommended actions begins

*COACHE = The Collaborative On Academic Careers in Higher Education