Carleton students may design their own Special Major and submit it to the Academic Standing Committee (ASC) for approval. If an advisee inquires with their adviser about the process for approval of a special major, first direct the student to the Academic Rules and Regulations of the College that offer a detailed overview of the process for preparing and submitting a special major petition (see Academic Regulations & Procedures). In all cases, the ASC reviews these requests carefully and applies tried and true criteria for assessing to what extent the student’s intentions in submitting a special major request are consistent with the expectations of the major requirement for graduation. Veterans of the ASC will readily attest to the fact that special major requests are infrequently granted. Those that are successful are carefully crafted by the student petitioner, undergo multiple iterations of review, and enjoy strong support by faculty. Advisers without much experience with special major petitions should consult with faculty representatives on the ASC or with the Director of Advising.