During the winter and spring terms of sophomore year, advisees should talk to their advisers about their plans for the writing portfolio graduation requirement. (For more on the writing portfolio and how to prepare it, visit the Writing Across the Curriculum site). Advisers should make sure that their sophomore advisees understand the requirements and have run through the FAQs. One useful resource is the page, “An Insider’s Guide to Carleton’s Sophomore Writing Portfolio.” Other questions might be directed to the Director of the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Program, Senior Lecturer in English, George Cusack (gcusack).

Students’ degree audits do not show that they have completed the writing portfolio until they have their portfolios scored during the summer. Normally, sophomore writing portfolios are due in mid-May each year and they are scored in June.

Once portfolios are scored, the degree audit will show (for their major advisors):

PORT.FOLIO Passed……………… 12/SU — 0 *NE


PORT.FOLIO Passed-Exemplary Rating. 12/SU — 0 *NE


If there is no rating, then the student received a “Needs Work” score. For more on the scoring process, see the Scoring Process page of the WAC site. For more on the Needs Work score consult the WAC FAQs or contact George Cusack.