All advisers should be familiar with the Policy on Minors as well as the Guidelines for Academic Minors. Liberal arts advisees may ask advisers general questions about minors. But unless they have a designated responsibility to administer a minor, regular academic advisers are not expected to advise their advisees on their progress in a particular minor.

There are no dedicated advisers assigned to students pursuing Minors. In practice, students are asked to keep track of their own progress in a minor and to consult with faculty listed in the Catalog as responsible for the management of a minor. Regular academic advisers should know how to direct advisees to those responsible for a particular minor.

Information on minors is available in several places besides the Academic Catalog. Department and program websites currently populate Major and Minor requirements directly from the catalog text. This ensures that major and minor requirements are consistent no matter which website students visit. Departments may include introductory paragraphs and comments to their pages. Chairs in departments with a departmental minor and program coordinators for an interdisciplinary minor may see students’ information on the Hub under Departmental Information.