First-Year Student Advising Information

My First Winter Break at Carleton…what am I going to do for 6 weeks?

Possible ideas to consider:

  • Get an internship
  • Get a job
  • Shadow an alum
  • Temporary work
  • Travel
  • Find/Develop/Practice a hobby or skill that is useful, e.g. learning a language

What should I be doing now so that I don’t run into trouble after Thanksgiving?

1. Self-reflection and evaluation

  • What do you get excited about?
  • What activities do you enjoy?
  • What would you like to spend time doing?
  • What do you want to get out of you break, what are you goals?

2. Do your research!

  • Look at the Alumni Directory: you will be able to search by major, geographic location, graduation year, and many other qualifications to find alums who you think will be helpful.
    •  This tool is useful for finding a job, internship, shadowing, and
        background career clarification and information.
  • Spotlight on Careers: a collaborative website that describes possible career choices and interests:
    • Useful for researching your interests, thinking about future opportunities, accessing basic information about specific jobs.
  • Investigate opportunities unique to your hometown: look for classes offered at a university, local temporary work agencies, stores hiring for the holiday season, etc.
    • Talk to people, like family and friends, from your hometown to stay informed and network.

3. Present yourself

  • If this is a more formal job or internship: update/formulate a resume, prepare cover letters, practice interviewing
  • If more informal: play up your individual strengths and the liberal arts skills that you have learned at Carleton thus far

Bottom Line: Have a fun, meaningful break, learn something new, spend time with your family and friends, relax, and get excited to come back to school!