New faculty and staff advisers are required to participate in a two-half-day workshop for new advisers, usually given at the end of August or the beginning of September each year. Participants include all second-year tenure-track, new staff advisers, and second-year visiting faculty who are contractually asked to advise in the new academic year. The training includes instruction on the structure of the curriculum, academic rules and regulations, and how to read a degree audit. Seasoned advisers give presentations on their advising experiences and administrators from student life provide their perspectives as well. One hour of the workshop is dedicated to the particular needs of tenure-track faculty and includes the insights of the Director of the Perlman Learning and Teaching Center.

A more condensed half-day workshop is available at the end of winter term for first-year tenure-track faculty who are asked in departments with a high major-faculty ratio to take on major advisees during the spring term. This workshop does not replace the full training required before the next academic year.

For more information on upcoming opportunities for adviser training, contact Yansi Pérez, Associate Provost and Director of Advising (yperez).