According to the Rules and Regulations of the College, a student may retake a course when the prior attempt appears to have produced insufficient mastery of the subject matter (D+, D, D-, F, Cr, or NC). Courses with the same department and number will post as “retaken.” Students wishing to retake a course offered previously under a different department/number must petition the Academic Standing Committee (ASC) using a retake form in the Registrar’s Office. Independent Study/Reading/Research (290-292 and 390-392) may not be used to repeat independent studies. Independent studies may only be used to repeat regular courses if the student needs the specific course to graduate and has the approval of the ASC.

Grade points and credits earned in the original attempt will be replaced by those earned in the second attempt in the cumulative GPA, even when fewer or none are earned in the second attempt. Additional academic credit will be obtained only when none was earned in the first attempt. Thus, when repeating a course in which a passing grade (D- or higher) was received, the second grade is figured into the cumulative GPA, and only the credits associated with that attempt count toward the career total; this also means that an “F” grade in the last attempt will have the effect of canceling any prior degree credits for this course. The record of the first attempt (with grade) remains on the academic transcript with the notation “retaken.”

Some courses can be repeated for additional credit: for example, ENGL 109 and some variable topics courses such as courses numbered 395. Courses like these cannot be retaken to remove a prior attempt from GPA calculations.

No student shall be permitted to retake a course they’ve passed with a C- or higher or when a course on a more advanced level involving mastery of material covered in the lower course has subsequently been completed. If a student feels that individual circumstances warrant such a retake, the Academic Standing Committee (ASC) may be petitioned for permission to do so. The petition must be supported by the chair of the department concerned and by the student’s adviser.

Courses may not be retaken S/Cr/NC unless they were originally given only on a S/Cr/NC basis.

Clearly, many factors will affect whether it makes sense for a student to retake a given course. There is always a level of risk that the second try will not prove fruitful. More important, a second try removes the possibility of taking a different course, which may not be recommended for students who are struggling with credit requirements (i.e., they are running behind on credits towards graduation). Advisers should never treat a student’s request to retake a course lightly. All of the relevant considerations ought to be discussed at length. It is always wise to ask for advice from the Registrar’s Office or my office if neither the adviser or the student are in agreement on what to do.