Advisers have extensive access to information about their advisees. All advisers know about the drop-down menus available on the Hub under “My Advisees.” Advisers are very familiar with “View Student Transcript” and “Progress Towards Degree” (the old “degree audit”). If advisers go to “View Document Archive,” they will open OnBase, an archiving tool that provides a host of expanding services for advisers. Once in OnBase, advisers can view the selected student’s pre-Carleton archive (e.g., the student advising questionnaire, college application essay, and high school transcript). More useful, though, are any documents that are relevant to the student’s Carleton life. Advisers may access copies of petitions such as leaves, and any actions taken through the Academic Standing Committee. Advisers also receive copies of leave petitions by clicking a link in an email that will go directly to the OnBase archive where the petition is stored.