Advisers may be asked by their advisees for advice and recommendations concerning particular career pathways. In these cases, they should first direct their students to Pathways, a comprehensive and Carleton-specific online heuristic tool that shows how curricular and co-curricular activities at the College can interact with “career pathways.” Since these career pathways are ever-changing, Pathways as a resource is updated periodically. It is, however, meant merely as a first cut, a resource to direct students to deeper wells of knowledge and experience.

Pathways is not meant to substitute for the considerable and most updated resources of the Career Center and the Alumni Directory, but it provides initial guidance for students who can then go on and do a much “deeper dive” into those resources. Advisers may also wish to forward materials in the Career section of the Bi-Weekly Advising Bulletin to their advisees. The Career Center also maintains a page offering resources for academic advisers and faculty.

If you have questions or suggestions about Pathways, please contact the Director of Advising.