Kate Hannigan (2021) is a psychology major.

Katie Hauge (2019) graduated with a psycholgy major/cognitive science minor. Katie now works as a medical scribe at the Hennepin County Medical Center.

Adam Hruby (2020) is a biology major/neuroscience minor

Ana Knighten (2020) is a cognitive science major

Christopher (Ye In) Kwon (2019) graduated with a psychology major/neuroscience minor. Christopher is currently working as a lab technician in neuroscience at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

Chris Leppink-Shands (2019) graduated with a psychology major/cognitive science minor/neuroscience minor. Current 5th year intern in Carleton’s Primate Lab.

Zach Lewis (2022).

Colin Liphart (2020) is a psychology major/biochemistry minor/neuroscience minor.

Gifty Amos Nwankwo (2019) graduated with a psychology major.

Jade Ogilvie (2020) is a psychology major.

Zichen Tian (2022).

Changlan Wang (2021) is a psychology and statistics major.

Kavie Yu (2020) is a psychology major.

Alex (Weiyi) Zhai (2020) is a linguistics and cognitive science major.