Lauren Makana Bailey (2015) graduated with a psychology major. Lauren is currently working towards an MS in counseling psychology at Northeastern University. Lauren currently works as a clinical intern at Boston GLASS, a community health center for LGBTQ youth of color.

Marcos Beltran (2014) graduated with a psychology major. Marcos is now a resident counselor at Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

Michelle Garcia (2014) graduated with a French and francophone studies major/psychology major.

Guldamla Kalender (2014) graduated with a biology major/neuroscience major. Guldamla is now a lab manager and staff research associate at UCLA in neurosurgery and psychiatry.

Joshua Kwan (2017) graduated with a psychology major/educational studies major/women’s and gender studies concentration. Joshua works as a production Assistant at Universal Animation Studios.

Harper Makowsky (2014) graduated with a psychology major. Harper is now the digital content manager for politics, talk, and comedy at Sirius XM Radio.

Jorde Ranum (2015) graduated with a biology major. Jorde obtained an MS in environmental policy and management from University of Denver. Jorde is now a smart building project manager at Switch Automation.

Rebecca Spiro (2014) was a history major/African and /African American studies concentration.

Ayumi Tachida (2016) graduated with a biology major. Ayumi is now a student at Teachers College, Columbia University working to obtain a Masters of Science in Neuroscience.

Kate Wagner (2016) graduated with a psychology major. Kate is now a senior fulfillment analyst at Survata and a product design/ researcher for

Evie Zack (2014) graduated with a special major in animal behavior (Julie Neiworth and Matt Rand, co-advisors). Evie is now a behavior practice manager for Behavior Vets of Colorado.