Owen Alldritt (2012) graduated with a philosophy major/psychology major. Is going to graduate school in philosophy at NYU. Owen obtained his MA in philosophy from The New School for Social Research. Owen is now a PhD student at Emory.

Priscilla Amofa (2013) graduated with a psychology major/neuroscience major. Priscilla obtained an MA in Clinical Mental Health from Roosevelt University. She then got her PhD in clinical neuropsychology from the university of Florida. She is currently a graduate research assistant in neuropsychology at the University of Florida.

Tanya Bui (2012) graduated with a psychology major. Tanya now works as a solution principal at Slalom.

Caleb Hyde (2013) graduated with a psychology major.

Paul Mains (2014) was a linguistics major/psychology major. Paul is now a technical program manager at Google.

Gena Roisum (2014) graduated with a psychology major. Gena obtained her MA in education from Hamline University. She now teaches social studies and AP psychology at Irondale High School. 

Ally Shaw (2012) graduated with a psychology major/educational studies major. Ally obtained EdM MA in school psychology. She now works as a school psychologist at Armstrong High School.

Rebecca Spiro (2014) graduated with a history major/african and african american studies concentration.

Catherine Townes (2012) graduated with a psychology major/ cognitive science concentration. Catherine obtained her DVM from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Deborah Tan (2013) graduated with a psychology major/dance major. Deborah obtained her PhD in psychology from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. She is now a strategy analyst at Accenture.

Rae Wood (2012) graduated with an english major/psychology major. Rae now teaches Minnesota State University, Mankato. Rae also is an editor for Throw Back Books.

Heather Yang (2012) graduated with a psychology major. Heather obtained her MS in management research from MIT and is currently a PhD student in behavioral and policy sciences at MIT.

Jessa Youso (2013) graduated with a psychology major/cognitive science concentration. Jessa obtained her MA in psychological sciences, industrial organizational psychology. She is now a senior consultant for Educe Group.