Jess Boland (2006) graduated with a biology major. Jess obtained an MD from The University of Wisconsin-Madison. She now works as an emergency medical physician.

Elizabeth Gray (2008) graduated with an american studies major/english major. Elizabeth worked as an associate and lawyer at Dorsey and Whitney after earning her JD in environmental law from Harvard University in 2011. She now works as legal counsel at Verizon Wireless.

Julia Greenberg (2008) graduated with a psychology major. Julia spent 2 years at the Max Planck Institute studying chimpanzees and obtained a PhD in Biology from Michigan State University. 

Rafiq Huda (2008) graduated with a biology major. Rafiq obtained a PhD in neuroscience at Northwestern University. Rafiq is now an assistant professor at Rutgers in the department of cell biology and neuroscience.

Elizabeth Johnson (2007) graduated with a psychology major. Elizabeth obtained a PhD  in biological anthropology at the U of Michigan. She conducted research in the field with white-faced capuchins, orangutans, and howler monkeys post-Carleton.

Lauren (Kanner) Adler (2008) graduated with a biology major/biochemistry major. Lauren obtained an MD from Rush University. She is a Pediatric Endocrinologist at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

Aisha Kudura (2006) graduated with a psychology major. Aisha worked as a senior research assistant at Oregon Health Science University after earning her MPH from New Mexico State University. She is now a project manager at Providence Health and Services.

Greg Perryman (2007) graduated with a psychology major. Greg is a research support specialist at SR Research Ltd., after earning is MA in psychology from SUNY-Stony Brook.

Jason Weaver (2007) graduated with a psychology major. Jason obtained a PhD in social psychology at the University of Minnesota. Jason is now an assistant professor at Colorado College.

Katie Whillock (2008) graduated with a psychology major/neuroscience major. Was a research assistant in Stephanie Carlson’s developmental lab at the University of Minnesota before joining the FBI and studying Homeland Security. Obtained a Master’s Degree from Pennsylvania St. University.