Peter Berry (2007) graduated with a religion major. Peter now works as a freelance editor.

Mel (Branco) Bowman (2005) graduated with a psychology major. Mel is a child support specialist in St. Croix County.

Julia Gatenby (2008) graduated with a psychology major/educational studies major. Julia obtained her MPH at UMN, and now is a project manager at QuestBridge.

Elizabeth Gray (2008) graduated with an american studies major/english major. Elizabeth worked as an associate and lawyer at Dorsey and Whitney after earning her JD in environmental law from Harvard University in 2011. She now works as legal counsel at Verizon Wireless.

Amy Gleichman (2005) graduated with a neuroscience major. Amy obtained a PhD  in neuroscience at U-Pennsylvania medical school. She won an award from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Amy is now a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA.

Elizabeth Johnson (2007) graduated with a psychology major. Elizabeth obtained a PhD  in biological anthropology at the U of Michigan. She conducted research in the field with white-faced capuchins, orangutans, and howler monkeys post-Carleton.

Rachael Klein (2005) graduated with a psychology major. Rachel obtained a PhD in psychology from the University of Minnesota. She is now the director of talent analytics at Korn Ferry.

Aisha Kudura (2006) graduated with a psychology major. Aisha worked as a senior research assistant at Oregon Health Science University after earning her MPH from New Mexico State University. She is now a project manager at Providence Health and Services.

Alison (Lewis) Alden (2005) graduated with a psychology major. Alison obtained a PhD in clinical psychology at Northwestern University. Is now a clinical psychologist at The Anxiety Treatment Center of Greater Chicago.

Greg Perryman (2007) graduated with a psychology major. Greg is a research support specialist at SR Research Ltd., after earning is MA in psychology from SUNY-Stony Brook.

Maren Sonstegard (2005) graduated with a psychology major. Maren is now a senior compliance manager with RBC Global Asset Management.

Karen Yee (2004) graduated with a studio art major.